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Astrological Blue Sapphire Effects

download (20)As indicated by Medic Astrology, the gemstone represents the planet Saturn. It is a very compelling Gemstone. It was said that the Gemstone gives great things to the wearer and as well make him/her progress in life. Is this true? In the event that it is yes, so what’s the purpose for this?

Blue sapphire is a Gemstone of Saturn or Shani. As indicated by Medic Astrology, Saturn relates with hard-working and devoted people. It isn’t right to say Saturn gives you success without hard work. In fact, people who are not hard-working can’t get the great power of these gemstones; This Gemstone gives great power to only hard-working people. On the off-chance that you are not afraid of hard work, you can wear these gemstones to get the endowments of Shani. Only hard-working people get the great power of Blue Sapphire on this planet.

It was also said that it gives supremacy to the wearer immediately. In my own point of view, it isn’t right; the reason is that Saturn is the slowest planet in Zodiac. It takes no less than years to finish the circle of twelve Rashes. The planet Moon takes only a month to complete the circle of twelve Rashes, which means it is the fastest planet. To be candid, a Gemstone can take months to give results to the wearer.

The superfine quality Blue Sapphire is mostly from Jammu and Kashmir. It is tough today to find the Kashmir Blue Sapphire and if discovered everybody cannot buy the gemstone as it is the most costly gemstone on earth. The gemstone can be found in Sri Lanka. It is available in the Markets; its price range begins from 1,000 to 10,000 per carat, for a good effect you ought to wear at least 3,000 per carats.

In the event that you need to wear the gemstone, you can wear 3 to 6 carats Blue sapphire. The translucent Gemstone of Ceylon gives the best results according to peoples’ experience. Note, Low-priced and terrible gemstones can create malefic results.

Which finger should this gemstone should be worn on? As indicated by astrology, blue sapphire ought to be worn on the Middle finger of the right hand.

What day and time should it be worn? For a good prophetic result, as indicated by astrology one ought to wear the gemstone on Saturday morning between 5 am to 7 am.


Gemstone’s Natural Sources: Blue Sapphire is found or located in, Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Kenya, Madagascar, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, and the USA.

How do I know whether to wear the gemstone or not? You must wear the gemstone only after you have consulted an expert; you must check your horoscope by an experienced astrologer before wearing a blue sapphire gemstone.


5 Popular Types of Rings

download (19)The types and styles of rings in the jewelry store are quite extensive, and can vary from those with a simple aesthetic function to those with a symbolic or social meaning. The signet, engagement and wedding ring are the most well-known, but there are still plenty of other popular choices. Here are five of the main types of rings:


The promise ring can have plenty of meanings, but it is best known as a warm up ring before the engagement ring is placed on the finger. It is worn before the couple is ready to get officially engaged. The preferred type of stone for this ring is a small diamond or gemstone. Also, the promise ring with its plain or small stone is a lot less expensive than an engagement, so it is a practical choice for the young couple with little money to spend on showing their commitment.


The championship ring is presented to the amateur or professional sports team in recognition of winning a specific tournament or league. This type of ring is appreciated for its ability to give a lifelong reminder of the past success in a person’s sporting career. Some of the most beautiful rings are made with a metal like zinc alloy and zirconia stones (similar in appearance to diamonds). In the professional sports leagues the championship rings that are the most famous include the World Series and Super Bowl.


The birthstone ring is usually simple in design with a birthstone that makes it possible to celebrate the birth of a loved one, family member, a friend or the wearer. A similar styled ring is the Mother’s ring which is designed to include multiple birthstones, and these can represent the birthdays of the wearers children, parents, or grandchildren.


The posy ring is often a gold band with a special inscription on the outer or inner surface. This option to include an inscription has been popular with the wedding bands and engagement rings. This type of ring was given its name because a lot of the early inscriptions were quite poetic in nature.


The eternity ring is usually a plain metal band that symbolizes eternity with a loved one. Also, the rings can include a row of stones like diamonds around half or the entire outer surface of the ring. Eternity rings are given by many in place of the engagement ring. There are several styles of eternity ring, including the half eternity, three-quarter eternity and full eternity.


Shopping at the Dubai Gold Souk

download (18)The Dubai gold souk is a representation of Arab culture and is symbolic of the grandeur of Dubai.

The Gold Souk is located in the heart of the city’s commercial district, Deira. It lies north of the Dubai fish and vegetable markets, with both road and water access. The Souk has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in the 1900s. From just a few traders, it recorded its first-ever notable growth during the 1940s and 1950s, when Dubai’s free trade policy paved the way for traders from India and Iran to set up shops in Dubai.

Once you enter the Souk, you will steer through a labyrinth of covered walkways that are home to over 300 gold retail stores which mostly trade in jewellery. Window after window is hung with racks of gold ornaments that are a feast for the eye. Hundreds of vendors ensure that you are never out of choices, with unique pieces, statement gemstones and alluring Arabic designs that will leave you awestruck. The Dubai Gold Souk offers a stunning collection of 18, 21, 22 and 24 carat gold jewellery such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and pendants. The cacophony, colors and chaos in the atmosphere make the Souk even more dazzling.

If your eyes ever get tired of the yellow glitter and shimmer of gold, you will find white, pink and green gold as well. If stats are to be believed, there are at least 10 tons of gold present in the Souk at any given time. The Dubai Gold Souk also trades in precious metals like platinum and silver, and stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc.

Gold is offered at competitive prices that are fixed at the start of day, based on the weight and the daily gold rate. The weight element of the price is non-negotiable but workmanship is negotiable. Haggling over prices is an accepted tradition of shopping at the Dubai Gold Souk. Strict government regulations ensure that the gold meets international quality standards, so you can rest assured that your purchases are genuine. If you’re planning a major purchase you can use a credit card, but paying by cash will get you better discounts.

The best time to visit the Gold Souk is in the late afternoon when the weather is cooler. Thursday and Friday evenings are the busiest. These are great times to witness the souk trading at full throttle.
Even if you have no intention of buying, the Dubai Gold Souk is worth a visit. It is a temptation that’s hard to resist. Because at the Dubai Gold Souk, all that glitters is truly gold.


How Can You Tell Real Pearls From Fake Pearls?

download (17)The question is often asked: “How can I tell if the pearls I am buying are real or fake?” The honest answer to that is: “It is difficult but there are some guidelines you can follow that will help you make the distinction.” In this article I am calling a “real” pearl any pearl that is made by an oyster. Cultured pearls are made by farmed oysters that have had a piece of ‘foreign’ material inserted into them by the oyster farmers. This is called “seeding”. The ‘foreign’ material irritates the oyster and causes it to secrete a nacreous substance that coats the irritating particle and forms a pearl. In nature, this process happens naturally, but naturally-occurring pearls are rare and very expensive.

On the simplest level, the name of a type of pearl will tell you more about it. Mikimoto pearls, for example, are high quality cultured pearls.

Majorica is the brand name of imitation pearls that have been made by Majorica, S.A. (a Spanish registered company) on the Spanish island of Majorca in the Mediterranean since 1890. Majorica pearls have a closer resemblance to natural pearls than any other type of imitation pearl (e.g. plastic beads) but are beads made on a glass matrix that have been dipped many times in a nacreous coating.

Shell pearls are pearls that have been created from the thick mother-of-pearl of the actual shell an oyster grows in. They are created by using the shell as a base, which is then coated and polished in the shape of the final bead, so if you are buying a necklace made of “shell pearls” or “sea shell pearls”, you will know that you are buying manufactured pearl beads built on a shell matrix. They will be very beautiful and will come in a large range of sizes and colours but you will know that their lovely, pearly, shine is an artificial coating on a manmade bead matrix: it is not a layer of nacre laid down by an irritated oyster! Also, beware of pearls that have been given exotic-sounding names that you haven’t heard before as these could be traps for the unwary.

Shape, size and weight are other factors to be considered. If a seller is offering you very big, perfectly round, “real pearls” at a low price, be suspicious! Perfectly round real pearls of any size are rare and extremely expensive. Freshwater pearls that are “near round” are more expensive than freshwater pearls that are irregular in shape. Real pearls will tend to be heavier than artificial pearl beads but note that glass pearls, such as the ones made by Swarovski, and shell pearl beads, are also quite heavy. However, Swarovski glass pearls are never sold as “real” pearls, so buyers are always sure of what they are buying. As to shape, imitation pearls are usually perfectly round, unlike the “potato” (oval) or “baroque” pearls that are now so popular. Real pearls will usually have an imperfection somewhere on them which helps to distinguish them from perfect, manufactured, pearls.

Another factor is lustre. Good natural or cultured pearls will have a deep lustre that artificial pearl coatings find hard to replicate. The very best real pearls will also have a colour overlay to their lustre; this may be pinkish or yellowish or there may be a sort of rainbow hue to the pearl that changes according to the way the light is falling on it. Poor quality real pearls will look duller and may even look a bit chalky. This doesn’t mean they are fake; it just means their quality isn’t of the best but they may still be perfectly OK for some really nice piece of jewellery, added to other beads to add a bit of pearly elegance.

Another visual test is to check around the drill holes of the pearls. Artificial pearl beads will sometimes show signs of flaking around the drill holes where the pearlised coating has started to wear off, exposing the matrix bead beneath.

Then, of course, there is the tooth test. If you rub an artificial pearl against your front teeth it will feel smooth. If you rub a real pearl against your front teeth it will feel gritty. This, however, is an unreliable way of testing a pearl and it has been found that real pearls that have been specially polished can feel very smooth in the tooth and friction tests. Also, if you walk into a jewellery store and start putting their merchandise into your mouth, you might expect the jeweller to be very displeased!

A great safeguard, of course, is to buy from a reputable seller. No pearl seller worth their salt is going to want to sell substandard goods and many of them put grade ratings on their pearls. Above all, enjoy the pearls you wear!


7 Types Of Gemstone Ring Setting Styles

download (16)Gemstone rings are elegant looking and make great wedding or engagement rings. They come in different setting styles; therefore, you have many options to choose from. The different setting styles of gemstone rings include:

Prong setting

It’s the most common and classic ring setting. A prong is simply a little metal claw that grips the gemstone tightly thus holding it in place. Prongs can be pointed, flat, V-shaped or rounded. Most of the rings with this setting feature four or six prongs. The cool thing with this setting is that there is little presence of the metal; therefore, plenty of gemstone is visible. This allows more light to pass through the gemstone thus making it more brilliant.

Three stone ring setting

The three stone ring setting is common with gemstone rings. The setting represents the couple’s past, present, and future. To make the setting interesting, in most of the cases, the two smaller stones are of a different gem while the larger center stone is that of your choice. If you don’t want to attract a lot of attention to your ring, use identical gems.

Bezel setting

The setting is very popular with people leading active lives. These include teachers, nurses and other professionals that use their hands most of the time. Instead of the prongs holding the gemstone, the setting encircles the gem thus protecting it from not only getting lost but also from damage. The setting can be partial or complete. A full bezel completely surrounds the gem while a partial bezel leaves the sides open.

Figural setting

This is a decorative setting that comes in different designs that involve different shapes including oval, pear, and marquise. From its name, this setting aims at creating different figures and objects such as flowers, leaves, and animals. When making the purchase, choose one that fits your personality.

Cluster setting style

From its name, this is a setting that “clusters” the gemstones tightly together in order to make them look like one large gemstone. The manufacturer can include one larger center stone or use many small stones of equal sizes.

Right-hand setting style

Contrary to popular believe, this setting isn’t the one that uses the right hand. The setting represents any creative ring design that makes use of geometric elements, filigree details, elaborate patterns and other beautifully done accents.

Flush setting

Also known as gypsy setting, this setting sets the gemstone in a drilled hole so that the ring sits “flush” with the band of the ring. The setting is ideal if you are looking for a man’s wedding ring as the stone sits securely in place thus it’s protected from damage and falling out.


These are some of the common setting styles. When making the purchase you should note that different styles have different characteristics thus ideal for different applications. In addition to considering the setting of the ring, also consider the cut, clarity, flaws, and color. Also, consider the jewelry store you are buying from. As rule of thumb ensure that you buy from a reputable store.


4 Things You Didn’t Know About Pearls in the USA

download (15)On the 4th of July, we celebrate the birth of America’s independence. What better time to focus our attention on our great nation? Here some stories about pearls and pearl jewelry in the American history which you may not know about.

Native Americans and Pearls

The Native Americans were the first to discover freshwater pearls in America. They found the gems inside the unionid mussels in the Mississippi River, as well as the American mother of pearl in the South Atlantic Coast. The Native Americans took pride in their pearl harvesting techniques and pearls became a symbol of beauty, both for men and women. Pearls were also a trading commodity, as the colonial settlers found out.

Pearls were used during ceremonial celebrations to pay tribute to great warriors. According to legend, Powhatan, Pocahontas’ father, had an extensive collection of pearls given to him for his courageous acts during battle.

When the colonial settlers found that there was an abundance of pearls, they started to export the gems in masses to Europe, and America soon became one of the primary sources of freshwater pearls in the world.

Pearls and Mussels of Mississippi

The 1800’s saw a pearl rush in the Upper Mississippi River region, unlike anything is seen before. Freshwater pearls were abundant in native mussels, and during the rush, millions of mussels were killed.

In 1889, the German button maker, Johann Böpple, started making buttons from mussel shells. This increased mussel harvesting rush even further. By 1899, there were around sixty button factories in the Mississippi River Valley with thousands of workers. Over 21,000 tons of shells were harvested that year. In 1922, the freshwater mussel fishing was one of the biggest and most profitable inland fisheries in America. But the industry started to decline rapidly in 1930, again due to overexploitation, and in some places the mussel beds were literally wiped out. Natural pearls are rarely found in the US anymore.

Father of US Pearl Culturing

With natural pearls harvested to extinction and the recent birth of pearl culturing, new doors opened for the pearl industry. John Latendresse pioneered the culturing industry in America, and was fittingly given the title of the “Father of US pearl culturing”.

In the early days, the quality of cultured pearls was still substandard. Latendresse spent over 30 years experimenting with pearl farming and invested more time, money, and energy into pearl farming than any American before or after him did. He opened America’s first pearl farm in 1963 in the Tennessee region, and in the late 70’s after he perfected his cultivating process, he opened another four pearl farms. Due to his success, the pearl became the “State gem” of Tennessee.

La Peregrina: the Wandering Pearl

La Peregrina only spent a brief time in America, but its history is nonetheless quite memorable, which is why we decided to share it with you. La Peregrina is the Spanish word for “Pilgrim” or “Wanderer”.

The story began more than 500 years ago. The size of a quail egg, the spectacular pearl was originally found by an African slave on the coast of the isle of Santa Margarita in the Gulf of Panama during the mid-16th century. Back then, the Spanish trained their slaves to dive for pearls while holding their breath. The slave who found La Peregrina traded his freedom for the pearl.

As Panama was a Spanish colony at the time, La Peregrina soon became part of the Spanish crown jewels under the rule of King Ferdinand (1479 – 1516). During his rule, King Philip II sent the pearl to Mary I of England (also called Mary Tudor and Bloody Mary). After her death, the pearl was returned to Spain where it remained part of crown jewels for 250 years. The last Spanish queen to wear the pearl was Mariana of Austria. When she died in 1644, the documents regarding the pearl got lost and so did the pearl. It reappeared again in 1813.

After Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Spain in 1808, he placed Joseph Bonaparte on the throne. When Joseph later had to flee for his life, he took some of the jewelry with, including La Peregrina. Joseph immigrated to America and then passed the pearl on to his nephew, Charles. Before Charles died in 1873, he sold it to the Brit, Lord James Hamilton, the Marques of Abercorn. The pearl stayed in the Abercorn family for over 100 years.

In 1969, La Peregrina was put on auction and was purchased by Richard Burton for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, for $37,000. They had the necklace redesigned by Cartier as the former setting was starting to fall apart. Elizabeth wore La Peregrina in two of her films, one with the old setting, and the other with the new design. After her death in 2011, the necklace was sold to a private buyer from Asia at an auction for a whopping $11.8 million, way above the asking price.


Buy Citizen Watches Online At the Best Prices

download (14)Citizen with its creativity wins the hearts of many. The brand combines advanced architectures with modern designs that embrace the wrists of the generation. From the beginning, it has been maintaining its core essence – ‘Better Starts Now’ to design magnificent timepieces.

What makes the brand different from other manufacturers is it offers timepieces that are packed with fine features at very affordable ranges. If you are heading to purchase Citizen Watches online, you need to take care of some issues that lead you towards a profitable buying. The content deals with Citizen watches and their technologies.


This watch breaks the conventional boundary and offers a new-age timepiece. More than just being a watch, it offers features like chronograph, date display, and luminous hands markers.

Citizen has changed the face of the timekeeping world by introducing Eco-Drive technology – the mechanic eliminates the need for the battery since it is powered by the energy of light source, both artificial and natural lights.

With a 45 mm black case dial that has come with a touch of eye-catching yellow, this timepiece is designed for men’s fashion.


This timepiece conveys the individuality of the brand through its simple yet creative gesture. The 43mm white colored dial is decorated with three sub dials and it is enclosed with a rose gold bezel.

This timepiece is made of titanium that gives you a sense of superior craftsmanship on your wrist. It is designed with Eco-Drive technology.


The 42mm black colored dial simply gets a stunning look with its red numerals and hands. The black dial maintains a balancing touch with its subtle architecture. The dial is rounded with a black bezel and the architecture gets finished with a brown leather strap.

A date displaying window at a 3 o’clock position does not disturb its simple look. This watch can be your all-occasion timepiece that goes with your every mood. This watch elevates men’s fashion in a handsome way.


The turquoise colored dial celebrates women’s fashion by bringing out their true freedom spirit. The 32mm dial is enhanced with silver-tone hands and indexes. The dial of the model is surrounded by a stainless steel bezel that is attached with a stainless steel strap.

It embraces the wrists of women gloriously. Since refurbished and counterfeited watches are covering the market, you should buy your watch from the certified online partner of the brand only.

Citizen combines technology and architecture together to craft its watches. The technologies like Eco-Drive, Satellite-Wave and other advancements bring out the creative gesture of the brand.

The author of the content has a deep knowledge in the field of watch-making. Citizen is one of his favourite watch brands and he loves to explore its technology and craftsmanship.


Guide To Amethyst Rings

download (13)Amethyst rings are beautiful, hard units that require minimal care. You can buy them as engagement or wedding rings. When buying the units you need to be careful for you to buy the right units.

Guide to buying amethyst rings

One of the factors that you should consider when making the purchase is the hue of the ring. Iron is what gives the ring its purple hue. The shade varies from pale reddish-violet to medium violet and it’s up to you to buy the right one that fits your preference. If interested in valuable units, go with those that are deep purple with blue, red and blue flashes.

Another factor that you should consider is the clarity of the ring. A good quality amethyst should be transparent. When you hold the ring in light, the light should flawlessly pass through the ring. A good quality ring should be clear and shouldn’t contain inclusions. The ring also shouldn’t have nicks or scratches. When making the purchase carefully go through the ring and ensure that the edges are secure. They shouldn’t be loose or sharp. There also shouldn’t be any chips.

You also should be cautious of where you buy from. Before you part with your money take your time to research and ensure that the jeweler you are buying from is reputable. If buying online take your time to read online reviews of the jeweler. As rule of thumb avoid a seller with a bad reputation.

How to take care of amethyst rings

Taking care of amethyst rings is easy as it’s an issue of common sense. When you wear the ring, it’s common for soap, oil and dirt to collect between the prongs and the stone mounting. Dirt and oils dull the ring thus reducing its brilliance. To get rid of the dust and oil you should clean the ring with a soft brush and dishwashing liquid. If you love exercising you should be cautious that you don’t damage your ring during exercises. The best way of going about is removing the ring when exercising.

It’s common for jewelers to enhance the look of the rings by exposing them to heat. One of the most common jewelries that is often treated by heat is yellow amethyst. The unit turns yellow when exposed to heat. When you expose the treated units to heat for long they tend to fade thus losing their great look. To maintain the great look of the units avoid exposing them to high heat.

Just like with other pieces of jewelry, you need to be cautious of how you store your amethyst rings. As rule of thumb never store the jewelry in piles. This is to protect the jewelry from getting scratched.

It’s recommended that you soak the units in order to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust in the ring but you shouldn’t over do it. This is to protect the stone from damage. You also should avoid using toothpaste to clean your ring. While it might remove the dirt, toothpaste may mar the shine of the ring.


Picking The Right Sapphire Color

download (12)When it comes to rings, diamonds have for the longest time been the traditional gemstones. However, sapphires are very attractive too and they make very valuable gemstone. Sapphire has become more popular with the stones on engagement rings being very popular items in the market today. One of the aspects that make sapphire popular over diamond is that it comes in a wide range of colors and still retains the shine and clarity of diamond when it is correctly cut and prepared.

Of course the cut is among the things you must consider when getting sapphire, but the color also does matter. The fact that this gemstone is available in a wide range of colors means that you must choose the most suitable in terms of personal preferences and meaning. The truth is that the different colors are associated with different meanings and even virtues and hence the need to make sure that you get a color that suits you. In general, the more intense the color and the less the distracting color zones the more valuable the stone will be. It is important to check the tint and clarity of your sapphire when choosing a color; a clearer sparkling stone is always ideal.

Blue sapphire – The blue sapphire is exceptionally beautiful and has this royalty look to it. It symbolizes harmony and calm. It is among the most popular colors in the sapphire gemstone world and they are considered the most valuable.

Yellow sapphire – It might not be as popular, but it signifies status and wisdom and is also associated with wealth. The yellow stones range from light greenish yellow to a lighter version of the same to orange yellow that could have intense or weak color saturation. In essence, the finest yellow sapphire is one that is between yellow and orange with saturation that is vivid.

White sapphire – If you have a caring and kind nature, then this is the color that you should think about when choosing your sapphire because it represents care and kindness.

Pink sapphire – Pink sapphires range from red to purple with vivid to weak lighter tones and color saturation. The pink gemstones are a symbol of playfulness and love and can make very good engagement rings. Peach sapphire is also a very attractive option and one that is very feminine.

Green sapphire – Its low saturation and color zone that is not very attractive makes it less popular. The color is readily available, but unfortunately not as marketable compared to other colors.

Besides choosing sapphire colors in terms of their meanings and virtues, it is also important to remember that the color dictates the value of the gemstone and the prices therefore. Sapphires that are most preferred are those with vivid, strong color saturation. The color saturation needs to be strongest possible without darkening effect and brightness compromise. The darker and clearer the color of the stone the more valuable the sapphire and the higher the per carat prices so always take the time to check your stone before making your purchase.

Engagement rings come with a wide range of stones and sapphire is among the most popular gemstones in the rings today. The deeper and clearer the color the more valuable your sapphire ring will be.


Gemstones For Wealth And Abundance

download (11)Gemstones are not only beautiful and attractive, but also come with meanings and virtues. Different gemstones are believed to attract and retain different things and wealth and abundance are some of the things you can attract and actually retain using gemstones. You can use the stones to decorate your space or wear as jewelry on rings or necklaces. Most of the stones that are associated with wealth and abundance are red, orange, yellow and green in color. Below are some of the gemstones you can use to attract and retain wealth and abundance.

Orange and yellow calcite – The stones are inexpensive yet very beautiful. Apart from attracting abundance, the stones boost energy levels in chakra and are cherished by many people; you just need to get the real stones.

Red garnet – It has a deep and rich red or sometimes maroon color making very beautiful jewelries. It is believed to attract wealth and at the same time also boosts energy and confidence.

Yellow sapphire – Sapphire is a gemstone that has not become as popular as diamond and it features in many jewelry items including engagement rings because of its beauty. Yellow sapphire in particular is associated with wealth, prosperity and wisdom. Apart from bringing your financial abundance, this gemstone will help you achieve your goals and ambitions too.

Bloodstone – This gemstone attracts wealth and helps keep you grounded. It might not be as popular, but quite a beautiful stone.

Carnelian – It is the gemstones for those who are timid or shy about wealth. It is a calming stone associated with courage and strength and directly attracts abundance for the shy natured. It is available in light orange colors to deeper maroon colors with the latter being considered a more powerful in attracting wealth and abundance.

Jade – It is a stone popular for abundance and health. It helps the wearer has a feeling that the universe is without doubt abundant, especially when faced with doubts on this issue.

Ruby – The red ruby in particular stimulates abundance and bestows passion, energy and confidence. You can wear this brilliant stone to attract wealth and enjoy abundance.

Green and yellow jasper – The stones are beautiful and full of abundance. The good thing about these stones is that they are inexpensive and you can place as many in your house to attract wealth. You can get them in beautiful carved statues. The darker the stone the more powerful it will be in fetching your wealth and abundance.

Other stones that are associated with wealth and abundance are fire agate, fluorite, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, rutilated quartz, topaz, opal, moss agate and green tourmaline. Whereas most of these stones can be found in jewelry, some are found in their natural stone forms or carved into different items. It is important that you get your stones from a reputable dealer or supplier to avoid getting fakes that do not hold much value. There are so many good sources from where you can get your preferred gemstones.

Sapphire engagement rings are some of the most stunning today. You can choose from the wide range of sapphire colors to attract different positives in your life or even to match your personality and individual preferences.