download (13)Amethyst rings are beautiful, hard units that require minimal care. You can buy them as engagement or wedding rings. When buying the units you need to be careful for you to buy the right units.

Guide to buying amethyst rings

One of the factors that you should consider when making the purchase is the hue of the ring. Iron is what gives the ring its purple hue. The shade varies from pale reddish-violet to medium violet and it’s up to you to buy the right one that fits your preference. If interested in valuable units, go with those that are deep purple with blue, red and blue flashes.

Another factor that you should consider is the clarity of the ring. A good quality amethyst should be transparent. When you hold the ring in light, the light should flawlessly pass through the ring. A good quality ring should be clear and shouldn’t contain inclusions. The ring also shouldn’t have nicks or scratches. When making the purchase carefully go through the ring and ensure that the edges are secure. They shouldn’t be loose or sharp. There also shouldn’t be any chips.

You also should be cautious of where you buy from. Before you part with your money take your time to research and ensure that the jeweler you are buying from is reputable. If buying online take your time to read online reviews of the jeweler. As rule of thumb avoid a seller with a bad reputation.

How to take care of amethyst rings

Taking care of amethyst rings is easy as it’s an issue of common sense. When you wear the ring, it’s common for soap, oil and dirt to collect between the prongs and the stone mounting. Dirt and oils dull the ring thus reducing its brilliance. To get rid of the dust and oil you should clean the ring with a soft brush and dishwashing liquid. If you love exercising you should be cautious that you don’t damage your ring during exercises. The best way of going about is removing the ring when exercising.

It’s common for jewelers to enhance the look of the rings by exposing them to heat. One of the most common jewelries that is often treated by heat is yellow amethyst. The unit turns yellow when exposed to heat. When you expose the treated units to heat for long they tend to fade thus losing their great look. To maintain the great look of the units avoid exposing them to high heat.

Just like with other pieces of jewelry, you need to be cautious of how you store your amethyst rings. As rule of thumb never store the jewelry in piles. This is to protect the jewelry from getting scratched.

It’s recommended that you soak the units in order to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust in the ring but you shouldn’t over do it. This is to protect the stone from damage. You also should avoid using toothpaste to clean your ring. While it might remove the dirt, toothpaste may mar the shine of the ring.


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